Sermon Notes

A Review and Look Forward


Revelation 1 – 3


I. The Revelation of Jesus Christ


II. The ways to look at the Churches


               A. Practical


               B. Perennial


               C.  Prophetic


                              1.  Ephesus         AD 33-100        You have fallen


                              2.  Smyrna          AD 100-300        Tribulation 10 days


                              3.  Pergamos      AD 300-500        The doctrine of Balaam


                              4.  Thyatira         AD 500-1500      The woman Jezebel


                              5.  Sardis             AD 1500-1700      A name..but dead


                              6.  Philadelphia AD 1700-1900      An open door


                              7.  Laodicea        AD 1900-               Lukewarm


III. Outline of the Book


               A. What was

               B.  What is

               C. What will be


IV.  Application


               A. Meditate on the Resurrected Jesus


               B.  Embrace a lifestyle of Repentance


                              1. We often do not know what is the right thing


                              2.  We often drift away


               C. Warn of the Judgment that is coming

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