Grace Bible Challenge


We want to welcome you on a  complete reading of the Bible through the next four years!  The daily readings are simple yet powerful. Pray that as we read through the Bible at a slow pace that we will not only gather head knowledge but also allow the Spirit of God to transform our lives.  


The following will be the break down for the next four years:


Every three months, for those who complete the readings, we will do a small acknowledgment and encourage others to join in the journey.  At the end of the year, we will do a more significant recognition for those who completed all the readings.  This will be a fun way to help us know and apply God’s Word and helps us fulfill the vision of Loving God, Loving Others, and Reaching the World!

So join us in this exciting adventure through God’s Word over the next four years!!!

New Test

Matt - Lk

Jn - Rom

1 Cor - Phlm

Heb - Rev






Old Test

Law (Gen - Deut)

History (Jos - Esth)

Wisdom (Job - Song)

Prophets (Isa - Mal)
























Stop: Observe Key Words, Phrases, Etc.

Look Back: What did it mean to original hearers?

Overlook: How does this passage fit in the grand story of the Bible

One Way: What does this passage reveal about God?

Man Crossing: What does this passage reveal about man?

Round About: What is the main point of this passage?

Merge: How does this impact my life with God and others?


Two Way: What do I pray to apply to my life

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